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Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems | Mountain Home Sound & Security - Pagosa Springs, CO

Burglaries and break-ins are more common than people think, and those without security systems are three hundred times more likely to be burgled than their protected counterparts. Not only that, in our lovely state of Colorado, there is always the risk of a home intrusion by something that isn’t human. Take the first step to protecting your home or office with quality alarm systems from Mountain Home Sound & Security.

Alarm systems in your home can make the difference between attempted break-ins and a complete burglary. With audio security sensors, we can respond to a break-in before entry is gained and offer you the fastest response time. As soon as a sensor is triggered, we will contact you to verify the emergency, and then dispatch police and paramedics as needed. If you do not respond, a police dispatch will be sent to your home to ensure your safety and well-being.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), homes equipped with alarm systems are less likely to be the victims of break-ins and burglaries. Our home alarm systems are extensive and affordable, and our security specialists will help you find the right products to protect your home and your loved ones. We also offer services to commercial businesses. Now is the time to protect your property and wares, especially if your business is near the city center.

At Mountain Home Sound & Security, we are prepared for any situation. Even if your intruder is not human, we will respond quickly and efficiently to ensure your safety. No other company in Pagosa Springs, CO can guarantee the quality alarm systems and security response time as our company. Protect your home, your business, your family, or your workers with the trusted services of Mountain Home Sound & Security.

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